Our primary focus is on smaller businesses - those which are too small to justify an internal IT resource, and those who employ an IT generalist but occasionally need more specialized skills. We can also help your IT department with the strain of a big project or staff holidays.

Can't afford a full-time IT resource? We're on call for you. Whether you need us 2, 4, 8 hours a month, or more, we can arrange a support package that fits. We can book a regular site visit, or you can call or email us when you need help.

Or, if you have an IT administrator who takes care of the day-to-day tasks, we will work with them to handle the bigger stuff. Server upgrades, Internet troubleshooting, software rollouts which need an extra resource - we will shoulder as much or as little of the load as you want. And we don't mind your administrator learning new techniques by looking over our shoulder.

What if a key IT employee goes on holiday? What if a big project stretches your IT department too far? We can help get you through it. And we don't mind if you don't call us in again until the next time.

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